The Healthiest, Best Creatine To Take

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One of the most popular substances that is taken today by people that are interested in building muscle mass is called creatine. It is technically referred to as a nitrogenous organic acid which is found throughout our body, especially in our muscles. It is constructed with three specific amino acids which include glycine, L-arginine and L-methionine. Using the active transport system within our body, it is transported in our blood to our muscles, especially to those which have high energy demands. Almost 100% of the creatine in our body is stored in our skeletal muscle system. Here are some reasons to add creatine to your workout, and where you can find the best creatine products on the market today.

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When Was It Discovered?

Back in the early 1800s, a man by the name of Chevreul was the first to identify this compound. It is actually something that your body can make naturally, but many supplements, and the foods that we eat, can provide it for us. Essentially, it is used by the body in order to generate energy, something that is very important for athletes today. The harder you train, the more you will need, which is why there are so many creatine supplements available. Here are some best creatine reviews to help you with when to take creatine.

best creatine

How It Can Improve Your Athletic Performance

You can actually get a better workout, especially during high intensity training, using creatine is a supplement every time. Your ability to build muscle mass will also be enhanced dramatically by adding this to the supplements that you take every time he workout. It has been shown to be most effective during high-intensity anaerobic repetitive exercising, and building greater body mass. Here are some places you can get the best creatine available today.

Finding The Best Creatine Products

You can find the best creatine on the web, or even not your local GNC. Micronized creatine is considered to be the best available and why so many professional athletes and bodybuilders add it to their supplements. If taken regularly, it can ensure that you have a proper amount in your muscles with which to quickly build muscle mass. If you are able to get micronized creatine, it will definitely enhance your ability to get larger and stronger with every workout that you do. Go ahead and try creatine today and see how you will start to build muscle mass like never before.

Does San Jose Need more STD Testing?

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Anyone that lives in the San Jose area that is having unprotected sex might want to consider making a positive step forward in protecting their health by having STD testing done. Sexually transmitted diseases can be contracted very easily during normal intercourse. Those that have oral sex, or even anal sex, can also get these diseases. Some of them are very dangerous, and most of them have treatments that can be used, but you have to know what you have to get the right treatment. Here is a quick overview of what STDs are by, and where you can get tested for them in the San Jose area.

Understanding What STDs Do

A sexually transmitted disease can cause any number of different symptoms depending upon what it actually is. For instance, if you have recently been diagnosed with having genital herpes, you can use acyclovir or famciclovir in order to resolve this condition. People that are diagnosed with having syphilis can get a shot of penicillin, if they are not allergic to it, and the syphilis will go away. Those that have allergic reactions to penicillin can take tetracycline which can accomplish the same end result. STD’s can cause a wide variety of symptoms and problems such as making it very difficult to urinate as if you have a UTI, create warts around your anus, penis or vaginal area, and cause blisters or sores on or around your mouth. Let’s look at a few ways that you can find a STD treatment center in San Jose California if you believe that you have one of these diseases.

STD Treatment Centers Near San Jose

The benefit of living in a city as large as San Jose is the fact that there are many medical facilities available. Some of these include sexually transmitted disease testing companies that are willing to test virtually anyone for STDs and report that information back to their physician. Testing can be accomplished in just a day’s time, and depending upon the results, you can usually get a treatment. Without having this testing done, however, you will never know if you have one, and by not receiving treatment in a timely manner, it could lead to severe health issues.

If you would like to be tested for STDs, and you are currently in California near San Jose, you can find testing facilities that will test you for sexually transmitted diseases so that you can get the treatment that you need right away.

Will P90X3 Get You Healthier?

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If you have been looking for a way to improve the way that you look? Have you been looking at those skinny jeans for a couple years, but you just can’t find a way to get back into them? If so, you might want to consider trying an exercise program that can actually produce results, one that has helped thousands of people get into the best shape of their life. One of the best exercise programs to come out in decades is called p90x3. Here is a brief overview of what you can expect with this exercise program, one that has taken the world by storm because of how intense and effective this product is. Also, people may be checking for a p90x3 review.

Overview Of p90x3

This exercise program comes with a number of different modules, all of which you can do within the comfort of your home. It requires participants to work out 6 to 7 days a week, making this accessible to many people, especially those that have not worked out in quite some time. However, you can still start slow, try to keep up, and over time you will be able to do the majority of these exercises. This product which is sold by Beach Body is designed for people that are extremely serious about getting physically fit, and contains many modules to help them achieve this goal.

Module In p90x3

Some of the modules that this product contains includes a chest and back DVD. This is one of the most intense workouts out of all of them because of how fast everything goes. You are required to do push-ups, pull-ups, and then variations of the same exercises, working every aspect of your chest and back. It also has rowing exercises that must be done with dumbbells, or you can do them with resistance bands, and all of this must occur in 53 minutes. There are a couple other ones including a yoga video which is not relaxing at all. It pushes you to limit, making you sweat and work out in a way that you have never done yoga before.

p90x3 review

How Much Does It Cost?

This extensive workout system is reasonably priced at just $119.85. They allow you to make three easy payments of $39.95 apiece making it very easy on the pocketbook. If you were to compare this to signing up for a membership at a gym where you would never have the same level of intensity, it is certainly a bargain in every aspect, and certainly the key to your physical fitness success.

Phosphatidylcholine Supplements For Healthy Brain Function

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Dietary supplements containing phospholipids can be the key to brain health and the foundation for the healthy structure and function of a healthy mind. Scientists and consumers are clearly gravitating towards the idea of using nutritional supplements for a healthy mind and the market is flooded with everything that contains ingredients known to improve memory and brain function, including fish oil, acetyl-L-carnitine, Ginkgo Biloba, Vitamin B12, DMAE and Omega-3 Fatty Acids. While some of these supplements target mood and stress, others promote blood circulation to the brain. The latest area of interest lies in the increase of cognitive abilities which are improved by addressing inflammation and oxidation. This is greatly discussed at, but also in this article.

Phospholipids, a class of lipids, are a key component of cells and crucial to the healthy functioning of neurotransmitters and cell membranes. The cell membranes of the brain are particularly rich in two forms of phospholipids:

– PS (Phosphatidylserine)
– PC (Phosphatidylcholine)

A diet supplemented with both PS and PC can help decrease age-related illness and cognitive decline. Groundbreaking research has demonstrated an impressive potential of phosphatidylcholine to improve brain health and is geared to become the next anti-aging wonder supplement. Studies on the effects of choline supplementation on the developing brains of mice fetuses found that the offspring of pregnant mice who were fed choline supplements had larger brain cells, better memories and learned faster.


In contrasts, research at Stanford University found that low levels of choline in the blood of pregnant women put their babies at higher risk of developing neural tube defects.

Phosphtidylcholine is being studied intensively as it is a precursor of acetylcholine and choline, which are known to play a key role in healthy brain activity.

Is Phosphatidylcholine a New Wonder Drug?

Pre-natal supplementation with Phosphatidylcholine not only stimulates and strengthens the pre-natal brain, but neuroscientists have been studying choline for its potential to prevent cognitive decline and the early onset of dementia and Alzheimer´┐Żs, and even its potential to regrow brain cells as people age. It was found that phosphatidylcholine stimulated neurogenesis, the ability to grow new neural connections and brain cells, a process that was once thought to be impossible after a person has reached a certain age.

Because phosphatidylcholine is a key building block for cell membranes, it also protects the lining of the digestive tract, the liver and nerve cells in addition to brain cell membranes. This means that it can help lower cholesterol, avoid liver disease like hepatitis and stave off cirrhosis of the liver in alcoholics.

Phosphatidylcholine is a highly purified extract of soy lecithin containing several phospholipids, up to 20% of which are phosphatidylcholine. Once again check out for more details.

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